What is in the market then?

You may have noticed there are two ad/sales sections on Likonic. One is called „Daily” and is devoted to younger classics, the cars you would daily drive. The other is „Classic” and is probably self explaining as such.

I am hoping you understand there is no way I can run the entire content in both Polish and English and, to be honest, the „English” section and its own Facebook profile is something of an experiment. I suspect there is some need for such information source, just do not really know its depth. We will see then, let’s watch this space and especially the FB profile.

After a couple stories I suddenly came to realize that maybe some of you are looking for own daily or classic. In a monthly roundup I will then be summarizing the cars submitted in both devoted sections along with their respective ad listings. In case you encounter any advice/communication problems, please contact me. I have helped people with classic purchases before.

My email is: marcin.suszczewski@likonic.pl

So, let’s get down to them cars. First, dailies. The ones listed last month were:

Citroen ZX, Opel Omega A, Opel Corsa B, first gen Toyota Prius and a Mazda 626. As you see, quite a variety with price range from 3 to 15 000PLN per purchase. Surprisingly, the Prius makes for a rare find here, along with the Mazda and Omega while the French ZX and a Corsa B are great allround machines if the Opel comewhat cramped. If I were to recommend one of them, I would be rather hard pressed, but honestly, the Prius would be my shot. It is a well engineered vehicle and the only worry would be the battery pack but I read the item’s been thoroughly checked and is in proper working order.

The following, you will find links to the cars with copy in Polish, but all the pictures are there to look at as well as price and seler contact at the bottom of text.

Mazda 626 – https://www.likonic.pl/daily/klasykiem-raczej-sie-nie-stanie/

Toyota Prius – https://www.likonic.pl/daily/dwie-dekady-hybrydowosci/

Opel Corsa – https://www.likonic.pl/daily/wycieczka-enerdowskich-emerytow/

Opel Omega – https://www.likonic.pl/daily/wspolczynnik-cx028/

Citroen ZX – https://www.likonic.pl/daily/z-najlepszym-dieslem-swiata/

Classics are of course an entirely different story. We do not need these things to be daily driven or even driven at all, depending on their value and especially the potential value increase. The May classics were: Ferrari 208GTS, Fiat 130, the 1978 Honda Civic, aircooled 911 Targa and a first gen Peugeot 205 CTi.

So, the variety is there, the colours more interesting (especially with the orange Porsche) as much as the exotic with the presence of the magic Italian prancing horse. The Likonic readers much preferred the Fiat 130 of all these but I would like to draw your attention to the little black Civic. It i san automatic, so nothing to get super excited about, but the car is very nice and clean, especially for the size of car and the model. The Pug seems attractive too, just maybe not with the price in the range of almost 40k PLN.

As you may be aware, the pricing in this department is way away from the „Daily” group and so they go from lowly 35k for the Fiat to almost tenfold that for the other Italian, the Ferrari. The listed 30k for the little Honda seems totally realistic and reasonable too.

Honda Civic – https://www.likonic.pl/classic/mowmy-o-niej-szeptem/

Fiat 130 – https://www.likonic.pl/classic/odpokutujesz-za-swe-dary/

Ferrari 208 GTS – https://www.likonic.pl/classic/objechac-skarbowke-w-ferrari/

Peugeot 205 CTi –https://www.likonic.pl/classic/drozeja-ale-nie-wszystkie/

Porsche 911 Targa – https://www.likonic.pl/classic/z-dachem-i-bez/