Now available in Poland, „Novecento” lubricants.

Agip is an italian oil giant with a heart for classic automobiles it seems. They have recently developped a full line of oil products dedicated to older machinery. 

In the lineup, we will find oils for older engines but also gearbox and gear lubricants. „Novecento” also supplies you with gasoline additive in a handy one liter bottle, specifically for the engines that run on lead gasoline.

The new Agip Novecento range is the result of expertise that has been acquired over time thanks to our involvement in the engine world, in competitions and in classic races, thus establishing values like style and excellence as well as the quality and technology of the products themselves.

These special motor oils ensure excellent performance levels to passionates and collectors of vintage cars, thanks also to the numerous partnerships Agip had in the past with some of the most prestigious car manufactures.

This meant that the lubricants were based on customized formulas with the specific characteristics as recommended by the manufacturers at the time.

For a vintage car, the choice of the best lubricant is a key element to ensure protection and high performance under special operational conditions required by this type of vehicles.

Latest generation lubricants are developed according to modern engine technologies and requirements, such as low fuel consumption, reduction of emissions, long drain intervals and compatibility with exhaust gases after-treatment systems.

However, these same characteristics do not make them optimal to satisfy the needs of vintage cars.

Vintage cars, compared to their modern counterparts, have greater clearance between mechanical parts, due to both high mileage and original construction tolerances as piston-cylinder coupling.

That’s why Agip Novecento line offers products with high viscosity at high temperature ensuring a thick protective film between moving parts, reducing wear and oil consumption.

The selected additive technology makes these lubricants compatible with elastomers and metals used at the time, and gives anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-foaming properties.

The new Agip Novecento line is an offspring of Eni’s continued tradition in the lubricants field: the great experience and the technical know-how has been preserved and transmitted to the new generation with a highlight for innovation and continuous improvement.

The formulation of engine oils is aimed at capturing specific peculiarities: 

• for the historical racing two products have been designed with optimal technical features for the protection of engines subjected to important stresses;

• for vehicles subject to normal use, engine oils have been splitted into three categories (1900-1950 / 1950-1970 / 1970 -1990) according to the age of the vehicle and of the formulations which are more suitable for these uses;

• three engine oils complete the range, indicated for all vintage heavy vehicles, such as buses, tractors and lorries.

A protective lubricating oil, strongly recommended for engines that remain inactive for long periods, has been introduced.

For transmission lubricants, a different criterion was chosen, because in this case the mechanical parts (gearboxes, differentials, transaxle groups) have lubrication necessities directly related to the age of the vehicle, but are determined by the type of transmission and the construction materials.

The prices for these products have recently been announced and seem quite reasonable. The only drawback being they are available on special order for the time being. To place an order, please contact Techem at: eni@eni.techem.com.pl. The pricelist is attached below.