launch your youngtimer investment.

Over the past decade, the Youngtimer Warsaw movement has grown from a simple meet of several well preserved cars to the massive gatherings of mint youngtimers and classics to start and end each of the motoring seasons.

Even to an untrained eye, it seems like the numer of cars grows steadily and almost doubles every year. Something that started as a handful is now a fashion statement and a serious approach from the economic experts. Two days after last weekend’s Season Start, the youngtimer and classic socjety has got their own mention in the morning money show on Polish Radio Three. The journalists underlined the fact that Poles approach older cars with great enthusiasm and perceived the automobile purchase as one of the safer and more entertainig investments.

Looking at gatherings such as the Youngtimer Warsaw season opening and their attendees, it seems proper to draw two conclusions. First, the amount of spendings on some of the cars seems staggering. Second, more and more people are willing to jump on the same wagon as owning a decent car has always been desirable and once it is now jutsifiable by more than just fashion, the investment seems even better. The extra remark is such that Poles invest very safely. They initially spend on German brands where the availability of parts is easier thus gathering many more of these than any other.

Marcin Suszczewski

Snaps by CarGuysMedia and Rav Shellby