iconic car crusade.

I am sure you would like to know where has the idea of Liconic come from. So, here we go.

I started my journalist career in 1990 when I joined „Motor” weekly as a junior team member. Later I moved to „Motomagazyn” monthly and there were other publications and even public relations stints as well.

A decade ago I realized there is something missing from the mainstream media. The element, to me at least, was the historical background to the new cars. In essence, the younger audience had had less and less of an idea where particular models and model lines came from.

To counter this I launched a blog called „Wyszukane Samochody”. Depending on your translative attitude, you could say it meant „sophisticated cars” or the „researched cars”. Something like that. With this, I started spreading the word of non mainstream makes and models.

In the past years, the so called classic and youngtimer market in Poland has grown several fold. Same as in the rest of the world, really. So, came time to expand my activity and I decided to replace the blogging with a full on website.

While you see, I am a bit of a word fanatic, the website received a new name that bears more than one meaning. Likonic, you see, is for the likes of iconic cars, that is for sure. The pronounciation of the word also means a figure of a Cracow citizen who just battled agains the Turk empire.

I hope the Likonic site will give you a lot of pleasure and inspiration in your iconic car crusade. Should you wish for more attention, supervision or simply advice, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.

Marcin Suszczewski

tel. +48 607 678 908

email. marcin.suszczewski@likonic.p