Dutch Jaguars to invade Topacz.

IX edition of MotoClassic Wrocław event (Rally of Historic Vehicles 1886 – 1990) will be held from 17th to 18th of August 2019 in Topacz Castle near Wrocław. This year’s special guests of the event will be 35 crews, members of the Dutch club Jaguar Diamler Club Holland.

The Mercedes-Benz Historic Club Poland, supported by Mercedes-Benz Poland  andMercedes-Benz Wróbel Group, will present its most beautiful and oldest vehicles in the courtyard of Topacz Castle and in the second specially prepared zone. This will be the first such a wide and cross-sectional presentation of the vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz Historic Club in Topacz Castle and there will certainly be a few exceptional examples of classic models of this brand. 

The MotoClassic Wrocław event, which takes place under the patronage of the Mayor of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, will be opened by a parade of historic vehicles that will drive through the streets of Wrocław on Friday, 16th of August. The parade route will include the Wrocław Market Square and the Partynice Racecourse, which dedicated a special racing day to the MotoClassic Wrocław event, i.e. 18th of August. 

Before we go on, let’s take a look at the last year’s event.

The ninth edition of MotoClassic Wrocław will take place on 17th and 18th of August. 

For the love of motorisation, both historic and modern, it will be possible to take a walk through the 50 hectare area of Topacz Castle, where classic and beautifully restored vehicles from 1886-1990 and their contemporary successors will be presented. During this year’s addition of MotoClassic Wrocław you will be able to see a full cross-section of the automotive world, from the historic to the contemporary. The latest models and the most interesting premiers will be presented by such brands as: Bentley, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, BMW or Mercedes. 

The presentation of historic vehicles on two stages will be accompanied by attractions prepared especially for children, a zone of exhibitors from to the automotive industry and military sector (prepared on the basis of historical reconstruction groups,) as well as food-truck zone. Among the hosts of the event will be Joanna Zientarska, Włodzimierz Zientarski, Mateusz Stworzewicz, Błażej Żuławski, as well as Commander of the Rally Adam Kornafel. 

A retro motorsport picnic, referring to the great tradition of Classic Days at Dyck Castle promises to be very interesting. 

On Saturday, more than 35 Jaguar and Diamler vehicles will be on display, which will arrive at Topacz Castle on Friday, representing Jaguar Diamler Club Holland. It is a clap with more than 2.000 fans of the brand, which has been operating in the Netherlands for over 40 years. Every year its members organise a two-week trip to an interesting country within Europe. Last year they visited Scotland, and this year the choice fell on Poland. The MotoClassic Wrocław event will be the end of their journey, during which they plan to visit Zakopane, Wieliczka and Cracow as well. The route they will travel on wheels will cover more than 2.000 km and will be accompanied by a special technical team that will ensure that the vehicles are in good condition during the journey. 

On Sunday the place of the Dutch guests will be taken over by Pagoda SL Club Poland, whose members will appear at Topacz Castle in the number of more than 25 vehicles. 

This year’s edition of the event will undoubtedly bring the power of unforgettable impressions to fans of the Mercedes brand. For the first time in MotoClassic Wroclaw with the Historic Mercedes Club, which is a full member of Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management (formerly Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Club International), will take part in the event. We will only reveal that this is one of the largest clubs of classic motorisation in Poland, associating the owners of vehicles under the star sign, and its members are in possession of extremely rare and one of the oldest classics of this brand. You will be able to admire them both on Saturday and Sunday in the courtyard of Topacz Castle and in the second, specially prepared event zone. The exhibition will be created thanks to the support of Mercedes-Benz Polska and Mercedes-Benz Wróbel Group. 

Once again, Topacz Castle will be visited by the historic Bugatti sporting events, which will surely attract attention with their appearance and madness on the racetrack. Within the framework of this year’s addition it will be possible to admire among others: Bugatti T13  Brescia from 1922 year from Czech, Bugatti T40 from 1928 year from Poland and Bugatti T43 from Austria.

Casual Car Club will also be presented in the courtyard of Topacz Castle, and its members on the occasion of their arrival from Warsaw have again organised a special rally to arrive together at this year’s edition of MotoClassic Wrocław. Within the exhibition you will be able to admire among others: Bentley from 1936 year and its team Tessa van Arkel and Paul van Arkel, who were taking a part in this year’s edition of Mille Miglia as the Perlage Team.

Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club Poland has also confirmed its presence. It will present excellent classic vehicles of this brand in the main courtyard of Topacz Castle.

During the event, the Elegance Contest will be held on two stages on Saturday, 17th of August, during which the jury will assess the degree of restoration of the vehicle and the preparation of costumes from the era in which the crew will present themselves. The main prize of the competition in the form of a luxury watch with a special engraving was founded by its patron, the company Frederique Constant.

Sporting emotions during the event will be provided by the Performance Tests Contest of historic vehicles carried out on the special prepared race track. Under the watchful eye of Jacek Blum, a judge of the Polish Motor Association, the participants of the rally will take part in the regular driving competition, competing for trophies and places on the podium.

The awards ceremony for both competitions will take place on the stage on Sunday, 18th of August.

Tickets are available online via a EBilet.pl and on the days of the event at the Topacz Castle.