A Benz weekend in Plock.

This year marks the 16th edition of „Mercedes on Vistula Classic Days” and will be held in Plock on May 31 till June 2nd. The event, which will be attended by Mercedes enthusiasts from all Poland and abroad, will be hosted at the Dukes of Mazovia Castle while the cars will be shown at Tumski Hill.

Every year, the „Mercedes on Vistula Classic Days” event is organized to a unique scenario with one thing in common being the fact they all take place in the city of Plock. This year’s lead is going to be the 40th anniversary of the G-class vehicle.

This year’s event starts on Saturday, June 1st, on the revitalized Vistula Boulevard. The gathered Benzes will then parade through the historic Mostowa (Bridge) street to later park on display at Tumski Hill where the event will officially begin.

The official Gala dinner at the Dukes of Mazovia Castle on Saturday is where the prizegiving ceremony be held and will form the opportunity to socialize meet other Benz enthusiasts to the tunes of Boba Jazz Band.

The cars will get their share of entertainment on Sunday. Classic Benzes will be driven through epic landscapes surrounding Płock.

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Photos: Dominik Dziecinny.