A regular meeting opportunity.

A regular meeting opportunity.

Those of you who live in Warsaw, or happen to visit the capital on a Wednesday, have a chance to attend a regular youngtimer meet up – hosted by Youngtimer Warsaw.

The meet had first been set under the Poniatowski Bridge at Powisle, and we get back to it later, while later the organizer moved the event to the wide parking lot neighbouring the National Stadium at Saska Kepa in order to accomodate all the cars.

The event runs every Wednesday during summer season. In case there is a concert or some other event scheduled at the Stadium, they move the event to a location at the former FSO car factory in Praga district. They always inform about such change on their Facebook profile – here.

Gatherings are totally informal. Basically you show up, walk around the cars with a chance to grab a tasty fresh burger or wurst. You will encounter many photographers on site as well as media types sometimes.

The pictures here were taken just last Wednesday. There were about a 120 cars gathered and sometimes it’s more then that. About Powisle, here you can come on a Sunday evening, just like with the Wednesday event since they both start at 19.00.

The Sunday meet is usually smaller and is located just off the Powisle railway station by the famous PKP Powisle bar. Actually, here is an idea, what don’t we try and get to know each other better during one of these. If so, write a comment below, check out the English Likonic Facebook – here – or drop me a line at: marcin.suszczewski@likonic.pl


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