A look down the Tumskie Hill Cahedral.

The Mercedes gathering in Plock is now behind us, it is time to sit, look back and enjoy it again.

Plock has again hosted the „Mercedes on Vistula Classic Days” event, which is now a firm date in the city’s calendar. Traditionally, the cars played a major role both for the owners and visitors. This year, the Mercedes Benz classics paraded to the hills of Tumsk and were displayed alongside the Plock cathedral.

This year’s display concentrated on the G Class models, there were ten of them, of various specification and model years. Especially interesting among these was a 1989 230GE G Classic of just 300 limited series, carrying a serial numer of 223. Besides the 4×4 Benzes, there were also some special vehicles, definitely worth looking at. Like 1934 170 W15 cabrio C, Poland’s premiere of this model.


Foto: Dominik Dziecinny i Jerzy Szablewski


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