75 million Euro cars.

Weekend of 11-12 May held a yearly exhibition of Warsaw Oldtimer Show. This year, the event gathered classic and collector automobiles of the combined value of over 75 million Euro.

There have been two such events in Poland, Auto Nostalgia and Oldtimer Show with the latter quickly growing to be the leader in both quality and quantity of the presented assortment of cars. The gathered exhibits span from meticulously restored examples to the patina covered original vehicles in the untouched state.

The visitors were offered the chance to see all the cars gathered in two large exhibition halls, some 20 minutes drive from the centre of Warsaw. This year’s gathering was full of American cars, with German makes coming a close second. Those hoping for Italian excotica should not have been disappointed either. Oldtimer Show is not only an opportunity to look at cars but also to buy one (or more).

The prices have been steadily climbing for the past decade and with supply falling, the investment in classic cars seems a sensible choice. Especially for people with gasoline in their blood.

Have a virtual walk along the halls in the pictures and I hope to see you there in person, next year.