Renée Brinkerhoff has rallied her Porsche 356 around the world for a good cause, and now she’ll drive her re-engineered sports car on skis through the harsh conditions of Antarctica

Land Rover is partnering with the Royal Geographical Society to launch the 2021 Earth Photo competition – inspiring people to get out into the landscape and appreciate their surroundings.

About a year ago, the Europol Team manager crossing the finish line at the legendary LeMans 24hrs race, the most prestigious sporting event in all of the cardom. This was a huge achievement in itself but the Team has not stopped there and then.

And has always been. The world we live in is full of copies of copies of everything. The world of art is no exception. This is why we cherish those who dare develop their own approach and style and love them for being unique.

The Peking to Paris 2019 event was a hot topic here the past year. I manager meeting the competitors in Mikolajki and one of them, Renee Brinkerhof has even given u san interview.

We’ve been overwhelmed with the response to our UK Arrival Party on December 14th at the Folkestone Harbour Arm. It’s going to be the ultimate Christmas Party, with hundreds of Land Rovers both old and new from across the UK and Europe making the journey down to see us arrive on home turf after our long journey from Singapore.

We’ve successfully completed Stage 2 of our journey (China to Turkey), and are now embarking on the 3rd and final stage bringing Oxford and the team home to the UK. Just over 2,250km to go!

The Last Overland has come a long way since our last dispatch from Nepal – and not just in terms of kilometres covered (although at 5,500km, that was pretty hefty too). As we came up to the half way mark on our journey from Singapore to London, we were expecting the coming three weeks to be our toughest yet, and we were not disappointed.

You’ve heard it here first. The official homecoming party for The Last Overland will be taking place between Folkestone and London on Saturday December 14th! We’ll be revealing more detail soon, but for now please save the date in your diary – particularly if you have a Land Rover.